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At the end of the 2021 Awareness Week we launched our first 10,000 Voices Awards to help celebrate the achievements of people living in the PSP & CBD Community.

During November, all the nominations received were judged and winners selected.

The winners for the 2021 10,000 Voices Awards are:

Always Amazing Award for someone living with PSP
Laurie Day

Laurie lives life to the full despite a diagnosis of PSP. He is a very positive person, focusing on what he can do rather than what he can’t. He is participating in a number of research studies and has joined the Rare Dementia Creativity Club, where Laurie has discovered a hidden talent for drawing and painting.

Always Amazing Award for someone living with CBD
Jackie Watters

Jackie is an inspiration for her positivity and encouragement. She is determined to enjoy her family and friends no matter was hand she has been dealt.  

Campaigner of the Year
Elloise Charles

Elloise has been busy making some noise about PSP since her dad was diagnosed with the condition. This has included reaching out to her Local MP who wrote to Lord Bethnal on Elloise’s behalf to share her dad’s experience.

Carer of the Year
Stephanie Redfern Jones

Stephanie became a full-time carer for her mum Teresa who has CBD in 2019. Stephanie ensures her mum the most joyful life she can, always thinking of new ways to support and care for her.

Fundraiser of the Year
Christine Harrison

Christine, who is living with PSP, took on a hand cycle challenge for the Captain Tom 100 completing 2,000 turns over seven days and raising £2,128 for PSPA in the process.

Volunteer of the Year
Caroline Woodcock

Caroline signed up to become a PSPA volunteer after her granny passed away from PSP. Initially, Caroline became an Education Volunteer because she was keen to raise awareness of the condition, but she has also been donating her time to run regular carer pamper sessions too.

Healthcare Professional of the Year
Jade Donnelly

Jade coordinates a specialist PSP & CBD clinic in Southampton. Is always goes above and beyond to ensure people living with PSP & CBD have the information, support and care they need. She regularly helps out a groups such as Hampshire, Frome and the Newly Diagnosed Group.

Researcher of the Year
Professor James Rowe

Prof. Rowe has been dedicated to PSP & CBD research for twenty years. The impact of his research lies not merely in his 350 publications in leading clinical and scientific journals, but more in the approach to bringing basic science through to what matters most for patients and families.

Corporate of the Year
AJ Fitness MK

Aaron Card, the owner of AJ Fitness MK, has helped connect PSPA with runners to join the team at the marathon, virtually and in London. He also held a 10-hour massage’athon event in November, raising more than £600 for PSPA.

2021 In-Memory Award
Maurice Cutting

Maurice was a strong-minded family man who always remained positive despite his PSP and tried to do as much as he could himself. He had a great sense of humour and even when he lost his voice, his family could always get a chuckle out of him. Maurice passed away on 21 June 2021 and £335 was raised for PSPA in his memory.

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