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Your PSPA Support Networks

PSPA has a range of support groups available to help connect you with people who are living through the same experiences as you.

We have more than 40 PSPA Support Groups meeting regularly across the UK. These groups, who are currently meeting via Zoom, bring together people living with PSP & CBD, family members, carers and friends, to share experiences, advice and support.

Our Youth Support Group launched in September 2020. The group of young people, aged between eight and 30 years old, all care for or have a loved one living with PSP or CBD, and they meet via Zoom on a regular basis and also chat in a closed Facebook Group.

We also have a group for people who have been newly diagnosed with PSP & CBD within the last six months. This group meets on a monthly basis via Zoom and is supported by the PSPA Helpline and a range of healthcare professionals, who will be on hand in the meeting to answer any questions you  might have.

In addition, a group for people living with CBD is available. The CBD Support Group meets monthly via Zoom. The latest dates and timings for meetings can be found, here.

If you would like to find out more about any of the groups, please email

PSPA Newly Diagnosed Support Group

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Your PSPA Support Groups

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PSPA Youth Support Group

Support for young people aged eight to 30 years old

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