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Leave a gift in your will

Gifts in Wills, also known as legacies, make a huge difference to our work.

We need your support to continue to fund vital research into PSP & CBD and provide information and support to all those affected.

Each year sees an increase in the number of people diagnosed with PSP & CBD who get in touch with us. This places an ever increasing demand on our resources. Alongside meeting this ever-increasing demand, we also need to expand our reach so that we help many more families affected. This means setting up new local support groups, extending our helpline service and producing more information.

Your gift could make that future breakthrough possible

It is directly thanks to people leaving PSPA gifts in their Wills, that we were able to fund PROSPECT, the largest and most ambitious PSP & CBD research project in the world. Researchers believe the discovery of new effective treatments could be just years away.

Leaving a gift in your Will could make that future breakthrough possible – the one that could mean future generations will not be faced with the devastating reality of life with CBD & PSP.

What a special gift that would be.

A gift in your Will could be your lasting legacy.

Read why Jenny Allen and Jeanette Quinn left gifts to PSPA.

The tax benefits of leaving a gift in your Will

A gift to PSPA in your Will is exempt from Inheritance Tax. You can also cut the percentage the taxman takes in Inheritance Tax if you leave at least 10% of your estate to charity in your Will.

For more information, visit

For more information, please download a copy of our Gifts in Wills guide.  This pack contains useful information on how your gift will help to support our work, the types of gifts you can leave and all you need to know to remember PSPA in your Will. If you have any queries or would like to speak to a member of our team regarding a leaving a Gift in your Will please email call 01327 322410.

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