Leave money to PSPA

Leave a gift in your will


After providing for your friends and family, leaving a legacy to PSPA is a wonderful way to contribute to our work and demonstrate your commitment for making a difference for those with PSP and CBD.


We rely on voluntary donations to fund our work and depend on the generosity of people who leave a gift to us in their wills.


Whatever amount you leave as a gift to PSPA, rest assured it will be put to good use enabling us to continue to support people with PSP and CBD and to fund the vital research that will hopefully one day lead to treatments and a cure.


If you would like to include PSPA in your will we advise you to discuss this with a solicitor. Do not write your own will or use someone who is not properly qualified. If you do not have one already, The Law Society can help you find a solicitor in your area.


If you have already made a will and would like to add to it or amend it to include a legacy, this can be done easily through a ‘codicil’ which your solicitor will help you write.


Leaving a legacy to PSPA is straightforward, and is exempt from inheritance tax.


To find out more please call us on 01327 356130 or email cameron.wood@pspassociation.org.uk