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What is PSP?

Understanding PSP

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, or PSP, is a rare neurological condition that progressively impacts balance, movement, vision, speech, and cognition. With a veil of ambiguity often shrouding this condition, we aim to break through the unknown, empowering you with knowledge and understanding.


Delving Deeper: The Complex World of PSP

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) is more than a neurological condition – it’s a challenge faced by thousands, an intricate puzzle in the scientific world, and a driving force for our dedicated work at PSPA.

Symptoms Unveiled

PSP’s symptoms can be as diverse as the individuals it affects. While the loss of balance, a fixed gaze, and cognitive changes are among the most common, PSP can also manifest subtly, making it difficult to diagnose early. We aim to shed light on these nuances, helping you and your loved ones identify and manage this condition more effectively.

PSPA Research: Unravelling PSP

At the heart of PSPA is our unwavering commitment to research. By funding and promoting breakthrough studies, we’re contributing to the global understanding of PSP & CBD and forging ahead in the search for a cure. Every day,  researchers push the boundaries of what we know, driven to halt PSP & CBD in their tracks.

Support Beyond the Surface

Our mission at PSPA extends beyond raising awareness and promoting research. We believe in nurturing a compassionate community where those affected by PSP & CBD can share experiences, find comfort, and foster connections. Our support groups, online forums, and dedicated Helpline are lifelines for those needing a listening ear or a helping hand.

PSPA Advocacy: Your Voice Matters

At PSPA, the most powerful force in overcoming PSP & CBD lies in the community it affects. Hence, we prioritise your voice, your experience, and your needs. Our advocacy efforts strive to influence policy, raise awareness, and drive meaningful changes that benefit those living with PSP & CBD.

Together, we’re not just learning about PSP; we’re leading the charge towards a world where PSP & CBD are comprehensively understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented. With PSPA by your side, creating a better future.