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Our vision is a world free of PSP and CBD.

With the support of our Research Committee, we fund ground-breaking research to help turn that vision into reality.

We are also an active part of the research community and help to link up researchers with people affected by PSP & CBD who wish to take part in studies.


We fund ground-breaking research to improve the lives of people affected by PSP and CBD and are dedicated to finding treatments and ultimately a cure.


The rarity of PSP & CBD necessitates a collaborative approach to research. A major step towards the fulfilment of our research strategy is the creation of the PSP Research Network, co-ordinated from the Institute of Neurology at UCL and currently involving seven primary centres with a strong history of PSP & CBD research and care.

Take part in research

“It was very important to George to be able to make a contribution to research that might help someone else.” Kathryn Timmons, whose husband George lived with PSP. Many people affected by PSP and CBD find that research is a source of hope.

Research we fund

A summary of the research we are currently funding.

How we fund research

Our support for ground-breaking research studies is funded entirely by voluntary donations. Projects must correlate with our research strategy in order to be considered for funding and any grants we give must directly advance our mission to improve the lives of those with PSP and CBD.

Funding opportunities for researchers

Learn more about the current PSPA funding opportunities and how you can apply.

for researchers

Our research strategy provides more information about the aims of our funding programme.

Case Studies

Experiences of taking part in research