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We want to improve the quality of life for everyone affected by PSP & CBD through research and influencing.

With the support of our Research Committee, we fund and promote ground-breaking research to help turn this vision into reality.

We are also an active part of the research community and help to link up researchers with people affected by PSP & CBD who wish to take part in studies.

Learn more about what we want PSP & CBD research to achieve below.


At PSPA, we understand a better quality of life is underpinned by developing a greater understanding of the causes and development of PSP & CBD.

Building a network of interest in research, amongst Health and Social Care Professionals and creating communities who are inspired to raise awareness is part of the roadmap to improving lives of people with a diagnosis.

By the end of 2026 we aim to have:

  • Increased our investment in research, working towards improved diagnosis, treatments, and a cure
  • Raised awareness of PSP & CBD in the scientific community and health and social care sectors to advance the understanding of the disease with the aim of everyone receiving an accurate and timely diagnosis
  • Formed national and international collaborations across scientific community, health, social care, and the voluntary sector to maximise the
    benefits of research investment and awareness raising across the world.

Explore our website to learn more about our research priorities, projects, funding and how you can get involved in studies and trials.


Learn how research has aided our understanding of PSP & CBD by downloading our research leaflet.

Research Leaflet


For more information about our research activity, contact us on:

Tel: 01327 322418


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