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Brain Donation


An individual’s decision to donate their brain to PSP & CBD research after they die creates a long-lasting legacy: one donated brain can support literally dozens of research projects over a period of many years.


Brain banks provide a unique resource for researchers, enabling them to develop their understanding of the diseases and ultimately informing the search for treatments. For example, studies using donated brain tissue have enabled scientists to discover that there are subtypes of PSP.

Both individuals with a neurological condition and healthy donors can register. There is always a shortage of healthy brains, which enable researchers to better understand the changes caused by disease as opposed to normal wear and tear.

Ideally donors should register during life but it is possible for next of kin to arrange donation following death, in the knowledge that the donor would not have objected. Brain donation needs to take place within 48 hours of death, so your family will need to contact the brain bank as soon as possible.

The donation process should not cause any delay to funeral arrangements.

You can read about families’ experiences of brain donation in our case studies section.


You can read about brain donation in more detail in our information sheet.

Brain donation for research


There are various brain banks across the country. They will help you arrange registration and can answer any questions you may have.  Our Helpline can provide contact details for your nearest bank.

PSPA Helpline:

Tek: 0300 0110 122