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Creating a better future

Our new strategy sets out our purpose, goals and priorities.

In April 2023, we launched a new strategy for PSPA.

This three year strategy, sets out our purpose, goals and priorities to help create a better future for everyone affected by PSP & CBD.

Since PSPA’s 30th Anniversary will take place in 2024, we wanted to ensure we set a bold vision, honouring the vision Michael Koe set out in memory of his late wife Sarah.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a better future for everyone affected by PSP & CBD.

Our Goals

Our Commitments

Our commitments apply to everything we say and everything we do. This includes:

• To be courageous in making sure the voices of people living with PSP & CBD are
heard. Standing up for a better life for people and having a tenacious commitment to
change, even in the face of setbacks.
• To be ambitious – to be the leaders in the field of PSP & CBD in the UK. To be willing
to listen and learn and to strive for excellence and impact.
• To work collaboratively, to inspire people externally and internally, to bring their
individual talents together to improve outcomes.
• To respect, value and recognise everyone’s contribution. Empowering people and
building a team which champions Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

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