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Dedicate a bauble this Christmas

Honour a loved one living with PSP & CBD by dedicating a bauble to them whilst supporting PSPA as we strive to improve diagnosis.

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  • I’m living with
    PSP or CBD

    Get information and support to help you understand your condition and plan ahead.

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  • I Am A


    Access a range of support and information as you adapt to your role as a carer.

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    I Am A

    Download information to help you provide the best support and care to people living with PSP & CBD.

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    What we do

    PSPA is the only UK charity dedicated to creating a better future for everyone affected by PSP & CBD.

    We will do this by:

    • Enable people with PSP & CBD and their families to live their best lives possible with high quality support and information.
    • Improve the quality of life of people living with PSP & CBD through research, education and awareness raising.
    • Put the voice of people living with PSP or CBD at the heart of what we do
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    How your donation helps us?


    Provides a copy of ‘My Personal Guide’ to each family coming to terms with a PSP or CBD diagnosis.


    Contributes towards research equipment needed to help us better understand PSP & CBD.


    Funds a PSPA Support Grant to help improve the quality of life for a carer or someone living with PSP or CBD.


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    Our Research

    PSPA is a dedicated patron of transformative research, enhancing our comprehension of PSP & CBD. As we deepen our understanding of these conditions, we can significantly elevate the quality of life for those affected and fast-track innovative treatments aimed at halting PSP & CBD in their progression.

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    seasonal magazine!

    Our magazine PSPA Matters, is published three times a year and is full of the latest news on research, support, fundraising and volunteering, as well as personal experiences of living with PSP & CBD.

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    Upcoming Fundraisers

    Help PSPA create a better future for everyone affected by PSP & CBD. Join #TeamPSPA at a local or national fundraising event.

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