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Helpline Volunteer


As a PSPA Helpline Volunteer you will help to provide essential support in the evening; being a listening ear and signposting to useful information.

Location: Home-based

Time commitment: A minimum of four hours per month

Our Helpline and Information Service offers information, practical and emotional support to everyone affected by PSP & CBD.

As a PSPA Helpline Volunteer, you can help provide essential support to individuals diagnosed with PSP & CBD, family members, carers and healthcare professionals. All from the comfort of your own home!


Often, the evening is the time when people have the chance to reach out and talk to someone, particularly anyone caring for a loved-one.

Callers might have a specific question or they might just want to chat and share their thoughts and feelings to someone who understands PSP & CBD and the impact they can have on peoples’ lives.

PSPA Helpline Volunteers can provide a much-needed listening ear and source of information.

Donating a few hours of your time a month, during the evening, can make a real difference to someone feeling isolated, confused or needing support.

Our Evening Helpline Volunteer team is a friendly, mutually supportive group but we need more volunteers to join them in this highly rewarding and worthwhile role.

Training is provided and you will also have access to all PSPA publications and resources to enable you to signpost to other organisations and services.

Learn more and sign up to become a Helpline Volunteer below.

“It’s great to have someone say how much you have helped at the end of a call. You may seem to have said very little but you were there to listen when it was needed most”

Alison, helpline volunteer