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Funding Opportunities for researchers

Learn more about our current funding opportunities and how you can apply.


To develop a greater understanding of PSP & CBD, one of PSPA’s top priorities is to fund and promote research into the conditions.

In 2021, we launched a new five-years Research Strategy which highlights the key areas of research we will be focusing on, as identified by our supporters and research contacts.

In line with this strategy, PSPA is currently offering the following funding opportunities for researchers.

 Funding Opportunities:

  • Small Research Grants – Applications are now closed until 2024
  • Project Research Grants – Applications are now closed until 2024
  • Research Fellowships – Applications are now closed.

More information about other PSPA funded projects can be found, here.

“The PSPA Small Research Grant played a key role in moving our research on inflammation biomarkers in people with PSP & CBD forward.

The PSPA support enabled us to generate important data that have been included in a scientific publication, as an open access pre-print and now under review in a scientific journal, and in further grant applications. The project showed that lower levels of specific immune cells (“TREM2+”), combined with increased activation of another specific part of the immune system, characterise people with PSP, CBD and related conditions, as compared to healthy volunteers. This particular dysfunctional immune “signature” is related to how fast people with these conditions clinically decline.

This was a key pilot study to expand our research programme and secure further funding (ie a project grant with CurePSP).”

Dr Maura Malpetti


For more information about our research funding, please contact us on:

Tel: 01327 322418