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PSPA Podcast

Series two of the PSPA Podcast is coming soon!

The PSPA Podcast was launched with support of Pavers in 2021, with the aim to inform and connect carers across the UK.

Following a review of the of the podcast, a focus group said they would like series two of the podcast to support the whole PSP & CBD community, sharing experiences from people living with the conditions, carers, clinicians, and researchers too. 

Episodes will focus on sharing experiences, giving informal advice and raising awareness of PSP & CBD.

Tune into our podcast by downloading the Spotify Podcast App and searching for PSPA Podcast. Or listen by clicking the links below:

PSPA Podcast – Series 2

Episode One – Gilda shares her experience of living with CBD

Episode Two – Dr Boyd Ghosh talks about diagnosing PSP & CBD

Episode Three – PSPA’s 30th Anniversary with Rebecca Packwood and James Holden

Episode Four – PSPA volunteer Sally Reynolds talks about her experience of helping people in her area

Episode Five – PSP & CBD Awareness Week with Rebecca Packwood and Mark Jackson

PSPA Podcast – Series 1

Episode One – An introduction with Beth Morgan-Henderson from Pavers

Episode Two – Getting support with Julia Tickridge

Episode Three – Delayed diagnosis with Denise Hunt and Navin Sewak

Episode Four – Caring for a parent with Claire Wells

Episode Five – Explaining PSP to your friends and family with Sue Wilsea

Episode Six – Voice banking with Samanta and Chris Miller

Episode Seven – Home adaptations with Julie Cummins, OT

Episode Eight – Advance Care Planning with Ewan Phillips

Episode Nine – Taking on a challenge with Katy Butterill

Episode Ten – Support for carers with Carol Amirghiasvand and Caroline Woodcock

Episode 11 – Relaunching Ed’s Lace with Scott Smith

Episode 12 – Carers Week 2022 with Jacqui Ede, PSPA Carer Support Group Facilitator

Episode 13 – Support for young people with Kathryn Embree, PSPA Volunteer and Youth Support Group  Coordinator

Episode 14 – How the PSPA Helpline can help with Jules Brown, Helpline Manger

The PSPA Podcast was launched thanks to the generous support of the Pavers Foundation in memory of Mary Youll.