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Carer’s Stories

There are thousands of people around the UK caring for loved ones living with PSP and CBD.

We share a few of their stories …


A Family’s Story

“The diagnosis was not explained at all. They just told us to get in touch with PSPA and that they’d see us in six months.”

Caroline’s story

Caroline Forbes’ Dad died from PSP at 76.

Flavia’s Story

“Corso and I couldn’t live together, but we also couldn’t live apart either.”

Carol’s story

“I’m lucky in that I have excellent backup. I don’t know what I would do without it”

Elizabeth’s Story

“It is so important for health professionals to be educated because when they are, it really makes a difference when it matters the most.”

Lesley’s Story

The year 2007 heralded, we thought, a promising new start.

Amy’s Story

Grandad had always been well spoken, articulate, very private and fiercely independent.

Maureen’s Story

Maureen Horne, from Harpenden, shares this honest account of caring for her late husband Gordon, who lived with PSP.

Peter’s Story

Peter Grant, 81, cares for his wife Margaret, 78, who lives with PSP.