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Research Strategy

Our research plans and prorities

PSPA Research Strategy

The PSPA Research Strategy comprises of four strategic elements identified from a three month consultation with patients, carers, clinicians, researchers and organisations with a link to PSP & CBD. The implementation of the strategy is supported by our Research Committee.

The strategy aims to:

  1. Prioritise PSPA research
  • Prevention and causes
  • Awareness and education
  • Improved diagnosis, reduced misdiagnosis
  • Drug discovery and targeted treatments for underlying causes
  • Improved interventions for the treatment of all the symptoms of the conditions

2. Support the research stars of the future

3. Engage patients and carers in research

4. Enhance communication, collaboration and change

The full strategy can be viewed here.


Our PSP Research Network is central to our research activity. This UK-wide collaboration between leading PSP research centres is a major step towards the achievement of our strategic aims.

PSPA is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities and all research funding proposals are subject to a rigorous peer review process.

We rely entirely on voluntary donations to drive forward the search for an effective treatment. Find out how you can support us.

Rebecca Packwood, Chief Executive, PSPA

“An established network is helping to raise the profile of PSP & CBD research in the UK and set the scene for future investment.”


For more information about our research activity, contact us on:

Tel: 01327 322418


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