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Today (30 June) we are excited to be launching our #BeAware Raffle!

The purpose of our #BeAware Raffle is to help raise funds to support our awareness raising efforts, aiding earlier diagnosis and access to appropriate care.

Buying or selling our #BeAware Raffle tickets, which are £1 per ticket, will help us to improve diagnosis by

  • Helping more people Be Aware of PSP & CBD
  • Funding essential education sessions for healthcare professionals
  • Getting people living with PSP & CBD the care they need faster.

Last year, Priska Wichmann sold more than 400 raffle tickets for PSPA to help raise awareness after healthcare professional struggled to diagnose her mum.

Priska said: “My mum had been living with symptoms for around seven years as healthcare professionals struggled to diagnose what
was wrong. I was feeling pretty emotional in the run up to the 10th anniversary of mum’s death. By chance PSPA’s raffle tickets arrived and it seemed like the perfect way to raise awareness and funds. Peoples’ generosity and their interest in PSP really gave me hope that one day, families won’t need to go through what we did.”

The #BeAware Raffle prizes include:

1st prize £500     2nd prize      £250      3rd prize A PSPA Hamper.

In addition, the person or group who sell the most tickets will also win a hamper full of goodies.

For your chance to win a prize, you can request some #BeAware Raffle tickets by calling 01327 322414.

The raffle will close on 8 September 2023, with the draw taking place on 22 September 2023.

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