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This PSP & CBD Awareness Week, we are pleased to be launching our new PSP & CBD Awareness Grants.

The aim of the PSPA Awareness Grants is to harness the ideas, skills and experience of people living with PSP or CBD, health and social care professionals, volunteers, and supporters to help raise awareness in their communities. Ideas big or small are welcome.

You can apply for an Awareness Grant of £50 and up to £2,500 to help do one of following in your area:

• Raising awareness to improve diagnosis
• Raising awareness to improve the quality of care and support
• Raising awareness of the services and support people living with PSP or CBD are entitled to and how to access those services
• Raising awareness to improve the resources allocated to supporting people with PSP or CBD in the health and social care system

If you have an idea but need some funding to help make it happen, you can apply for a PSPA Awareness Grant by 31 August.

Learn more about the grants and download the application form, here.

Read more about our PSP & CBD Awareness Week plans, here.

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