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This week, The National Institute for Health and Care Research has announced an amazing £14 million investment into rare disease research.

As part of this investment, PSPA is pleased to see Professor Huw Morris at University College London has been awarded a grant to continue important work of mapping the journey of people with atypical parkinsonian disorders, which was started by the PROSPECT-M-UK study.

PSPA has worked closely with the PROSPECT-M-UK team and has invested more than £1.3 million into the study to help us better understand PSP & CBD.

PSPA CEO, Rebecca Packwood said: “We are excited Government is investing in rare disease research, helping Professor Huw Morris and his team continue their outstanding work on the diagnosis, development and progression of conditions including PSP & CBD. We look forward to how this amazing platform can help increase awareness and understanding of the conditions.”

Read more about the investment, here.

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