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The latest edition of PSPA Matters will be hitting your doormats this week. As usual, the magazine provides a wealth of updates, information and personal experiences for you to read.

This time, Dr Ed Jabbari is our cover star as he promotes his follow up study into PSP. Since Dr Jabbari is currently recruiting for participants, you can also find out how you can get involved in the study. The eagle eyed among you, will have spotted a typo in the headline of Ed’s article on the front page. Although this is a big ‘oops moment’ we don’t plan to repeat, we hope this doesn’t take away from your enjoyment of the magazine. The PDF has been updated to correct this in case you would prefer to read the amended version.

In addition to Ed’s update, our Helpline team have penned an article helping you to navigate social care assessments, and we also sign post to our growing number of Support Groups, and how they can help.

You may have read in the last edition we have teamed up with Farewill to provide a free Will scheme. In the magazine this time, we explain Wills a little further and how even leaving a small gift can create an amazing and lasting impact for PSPA.

Professor Michele Hu shares details of a number of studies that her and the team at Oxford are currently conducting, they include a handheld device for recording symptom progression and sleep tracking as ways to seek out early biomarkers to aid diagnosis.

There are a number of excellent personal experiences shared also. Tracy Rackley talks about caring for her dad,  Marilyn Whittaker’s family share their fundraising achievements and Caroline Jeffries-Shaw enlightens us on what a ‘Day in the life’ of an SLT is like.

To catch up with all the stories and news, download the latest edition of PSPA Matters, here.

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