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The Ed’s Lace Christmas Tree Challenge is our festive-themed challenge to continue important awareness-raising of PSP & CBD. The concept was the brainchild of Liz Baxter from the PSPA Pocklington Support Group and involves tying Ed’s Lace to public Christmas trees, along with a PSPA information card.

You just need to tie Ed’s Lace onto a Christmas tree before the end of December. Take a photo (selfie is preferred) and email it to us, telling us where it was placed. If you can’t get out easily, you can still participate by popping your Ed’s Lace on your own tree if you have one or, if applicable, the Christmas tree at work.

To take part in the Ed’s Lace Christmas Tree challenge all you need to do is:

  • Purchase an Ed’s Lace from the PSPA shop for £2
  • Punch a hole in the Ed’s Lace information card and attach to the lace. Cut one end off the lace so it frays naturally
  • Find a public Christmas tree in your local area – be it at your local supermarket, GP surgery, library, hospital or high street, and tie Ed’s Lace with the information card attached to the tree
  • Take a photo of the lace (preferably with you in the photo too)
  • Send the photo and details of where you placed the lace to by 31 December.

Ed’s Lace is our amazing awareness raising tool which, when the open-end frays, helps to demonstrate the degenerative nature of PSP & CBD. Read more about the origins of Ed’s Lace here.

To get your Ed’s Laces, please visit the PSPA Shop.

We’re looking forward to seeing Ed’s Lace across UK Christmas trees this November and December.

Good luck!

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