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On 19 and 20 October, PSPA joined forces with CurePSP in London to host the first PSP & CBD International Research Symposium since 2018!

The event attracted more than 200 researchers worldwide to discuss the latest research into PSP & CBD. After so much enthusiasm in progressing research was generated, it was only right we dedicate an edition of PSPA Matters to the event.

This special 20-page edition of PSPA Matters features an overview of the symposium and insight into key subjects.


  • 60 years of PSP & CBD research
  • Updates and key learning from clinical trials
  • Progress on improving diagnosis
  • Posters that were presented at the event.

Explore key talks from the Neuro 2023 symposium by downloading a copy of PSPA Matters today.

P.S. Keep a look out for the next edition of PSPA Matters, helping to mark PSPA’s 30th Anniversary, in January 2024!

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