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PSPA supporter Laurie Day has been selected to be a Commonwealth Games Baton Bearer this July.

Laurie, who is living with PSP, will be carrying out his baton bearing duties in Northwich, Cheshire around 12:54pm on Sunday 17 July.

Laurie was diagnosed with PSP in December 2018 after he had experienced symptoms, including changes to his speech and handwriting, and becoming increasingly clumsy.

Despite the challenging diagnosis and progressing symptoms, Laurie and his wife Julia were determined to give life new meaning. As such, Laurie set about establishing new hobbies such as taking on a ‘Couch to 5km’ challenge, attending Park Runs, painting, aiding research into PSP and raising awareness of the condition too.

Laurie has been sharing his experiences and successes with other people living with PSP & CBD, via PSPA’s support groups, magazine and social media. By sharing his experience, Laurie aims to help inspire people to focus on what they can do and how they can adapt interests to ensure they live the best life possible.

Laurie, said: “I was delighted and honoured to be selected as a Baton bearer for the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 Queen’s Baton Relay in Northwich on 17 July. I’m looking forward to taking up the baton on behalf of the PSP & CBD community to hopefully encourage others to keep taking on new challenges for themselves. I’m just delighted that I can ‘keep on running’ despite my PSP diagnosis.”

If you live in Cheshire and aim to follow the Baton Relay, please give Laurie a big cheer during his stage of the event.


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