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PSPA are excited to be offering funding for voice banking through a partnership with SpeakUnique.

PSPA can fund one of three different voice banking services for people living with a diagnosis of PSP or CBD depending on their speech needs.  You will need to have discussed voice banking with your speech and language therapist who will assess you to ensure you are suitable to bank your voice using one of the 3 services.

  1. Voice Build- for those who have not yet experienced changes to their speech and wish to create a synthetic replica of their own voice
  2. Voice Repair- for those whose speech has already started to change, e.g. through slurring or slowness. These changes can be ‘repaired’ in the synthetic voice to create a healthy sounding voice
  3. Voice Design – for those who have no intelligible speech and wish to use old recordings of their voice to create a personalised synthetic voice or alternatively wish to use voice donors (with matching regional accent, gender and age) to create a bespoke synthetic voice.

It is possible that Funding for Voice banking via Speech Unique can be applied for alongside a PSPA Support Grant for example to provide  headphones to record your voice or funding toward a device to access your banked voice . N.B Only one Support Grant can be applied for within a calendar year

To learn more about SpeakUnique and their services take a look at their website. To apply for funding, you will need to create an account and a sample synthetic voice , following this you will be able to access the PSPA funding application form, which needs to be completed by your speech and language therapist. PSPA will contact yourself and your speech and language therapist as part of the application process.

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