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Today Marc Watters from Belfast is beginning a 90-day weight loss challenge to help raise awareness of CBD.

Marc is aiming to lose three stones in three months in honour of his mother, Jacqui, who was formally diagnosed with CBD five years ago.

To help with the weight loss challenge, Marc will be walking 10,000 steps a day for PSPA.

Beginning on Monday 19 April, Marc will fit in his daily step target, which ties in with PSPA’s awareness campaign 10,000 Voices, around his busy work and family life, using early morning, lunchtime and evening walks around the local area and landmarks.

He will also post live weigh ins on his social media profiles so everyone can see how his challenge is progressing.

Marc says of his challenge: “Just a few weeks ago I completed a consecutive 30-day cold water sea swimming challenge, just to challenge myself, physically and mentally. I was surprised at how many people supported my swims, cheering me on, sending me messages of support and some people joined me in the water too. Everyone kept asking which charity I was doing the challenge for, so after a short break, and to continue to challenge myself, I decided I wanted to do another challenge and to do it as a fundraiser for PSPA.

“My mum was diagnosed with CBD five years ago, although she had been unwell for a few years before so we think it began around 2014. Initially, since the disease is so rare, health professionals had never come across her illness before. Mum didn’t really tell anyone about her diagnosis as she has little information or knowledge of the disease which was a very frightening, lonely and challenging time for her. But after linking in with PSPA and realising so many people have the same experience, having never heard of CBD before their diagnosis, mum decided she wanted to start telling people, to make them more aware of the condition and to also ensure others did not have the same early experience she had during her diagnosis.

“By taking on my 90-day weight loss challenge, I’ll not only be fundraising to support a really helpful charity, but I’ll be helping mum spread the word about CBD too. I aim to post on my social media at least once a week about my walks as well as sharing key facts about the signs and symptoms of CBD also.”

In addition to the walk, Marc will also introduce other elements during the course of the 90-days, such as cold water swimming and other activities too.

You can keep up to date with Marc’s progress and support his challenge on his JustGiving page:

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