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This PSP & CBD Awareness Week we are proud to team up with Scott Smith to relaunch Ed’s Lace.

Ed’s Lace is a community led awareness campaign, where people are encourage to wear Ed’s Lace with one plastic end of the lace cut off so it can fray naturally. The fraying end represents the progressive nature of PSP & CBD and aims to open up conversations about the rare conditions.

The idea came to Scott as he was studying for a Masters in Science Communication and was looking to help PSPA increase awareness as part of his dissertation project.

After developing the idea with PSPA, the campaign became a real hit with more than 4,000 laces distributed worldwide that year.

November 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Scott’s grandad’s death, so he jumped at the chance to support the charity once more by relaunching the campaign this year in his grandad’s honour.

Scott said: “The idea came to me whilst I was studying at university and I was trying to describe to my girlfriend (now wife) what I had learnt about the scientific process that happens in the neurons (brain cells) of those living with PSP & CBD. ‘It’s like when a shoelace starts to fray”, I said. And that was it, the moment Ed’s Lace was born.

“It was amazing hearing so many people talk about my grandad, PSP & CBD and become united in raising awareness, all by wearing a lace in his name. So, I was absolutely delighted when PSPA approached me again earlier this year to say they would like to relaunch the campaign.

“I know how much awareness the campaign raised last time. It excites me to think we could do it all over again or even better, raise even more awareness this time around!”

During the 2022 relaunch of the campaign, PSPA and Scott, are encouraging people to wear Ed’s Lace far and wide, as well as to get creative and find alternative ways to wear the lace, other than in your shoe.

Ed’s Lace is available to buy in both PSPA purple and orange for £2 in our website shop.

Share photos of you and your family wearing Ed’s Lace with pride using the hashtag #EdsLace and tagging @PSPAssociation on Facebook and Twitter, and @teampspa on Instagram. 

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