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A team of researchers is currently looking for people with speech difficulties to take part in their study to improve Google Assistant.

If you are a person living with PSP or CBD and experience speech problems (dysarthria) you can help by signing up to take part in the Euphonia project.

The team at the Euphonia Project want to enable people with dysarthria to use Google Assistant to control their environment (light on/off, checking who is at the door, adjusting thermostat, etc.). As part of the project the team are developing an app that can transcribe speech with dysarthria in real time which they hope will help people be better understood and keep them talking for longer. They are also looking at how a person can speak to write emails, twitter entries and, WhatsApp chat.

The reason why Euphonia is not available already is they do not have enough recordings of voices with dysarthria to ‘train’ the model.

If you are living with PSP or CBD  and experiencing dysarthria and you are happy to record your voice – it would be a big help!

Details of the process:

  • It is only for English speakers (UK, US and other English).
  • There is a reading list of 315 phrases and these can be recorded across sessions. Each phrase is saved straight away.
  • No special equipment required – you can record on what is easiest – mobile phone, tablet, laptop – no headset microphone needed.
  • The consent form is within the registration process.
  • Here is a short video that explains the process:

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