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Peter Howlett was diagnosed with CBD in February 2014. He lives with his wife Heather in Devon.

Pete’s first experience of helping to further the medical community’s understanding of CBD was when he was used as an example of the condition in front of around 60 people at Peninsula Medical School. He and Heather then met Dr Richard Bevan-Jones from Cambridge University when they attended the PSPA Friends and Family Day at Bristol in November 2015.

“Dr Bevan-Jones told us about the PSPA’s PROSPECT study” explained Heather. “We talked to our GP about it first – he is quite keen on things like this so he took a look through the forms for us and has been very supportive. Pete is happy to take part, we know it’s not going to help him but it’s going to help somebody in the future.”

Pete and Heather completed all the forms and questionnaires first – there was quite a lot to work through. “Once we send those back to the researchers, they will get the blood tubes and saliva testing kit out to our GP” said Heather. “It’s really important to us that we can take part in this project locally – with my health not being 100% either, I don’t like to travel too far.”

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Kathryn Timmons is the group co-ordinator for our Loughborough local group.

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