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Will you help the UK’s largest research study in PSP & CBD?

Our PROSPECT study is a world first for PSP & CBD, and has created a network of specialist centres of excellence across the UK.

With your help, we can continue our ground-breaking work on the PROSPECT study for the next five years. And we can recruit even more people with PSP & CBD to take part to create the world’s largest cohort of PSP & CBD patients.

Your gift today will help pay for the huge amount of data we have gathered so far to be analysed. This analysis could hold vital clues to our understanding of PSP & CBD.

With your help we could:

  • Expand recruitment to create the world’s largest PSP & CBD cohort
  • Improve diagnosis by discovering diagnostic markers of PSP & CBD
  • Better understand the progression of PSP & CBD to help to define new treatments
  • Support upcoming clinical trials and ultimately accelerate the discovery of future treatments.

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Please, be part of this global effort. Anything you can give will fund this project and bring us closer to beating both these devastating diseases.



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