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Celia’s story

Celia Newsham, who is living with a diagnosis of PSP, successfully applied for a PSPA Support Grant to help pay for a mobility scooter so she can get out and about in her village.

“After experiencing issues with my balance, I was initially diagnosed with Parkinson’s in December 2020. As things progressed though, I was re diagnosed with PSP this year.

My balance is so bad, I fall almost every day. I am struggling as I can hardly walk and I only ever go out with my husband in the car to minimise my falls risk.

I started looking into getting a mobility scooter to help me get out and about in my village, with my husband and on my own. Mobility scooters are quite expensive and I can remember my daughter saying they must be some financial support we can apply for to help with the costs.

After looking into it, my daughter found the PSPA Support Grants. With the assistance of my physio, who was able to help identify the need for the scooter due to my balance and mobility issues, we applied.

I was so happy when I found out the application was successful. I now have my scooter and am so grateful for it. Although I have only been out on it three or four times, it’s already making a massive difference to me.

I can now quite happily go out with my husband, as he walks the dog, around the village, which is approximately three quarters of a mile away from our house, so quite a way.

At 82 years old it is so nice to feel part of the village life again and when I build up my confidence using the scooter, I hope to be able to go out on my own too.”

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