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PSPA provides a range of services and support for health and social care professionals working with those diagnosed with PSP & CBD, their carers and families.

For GPs

We know that GPs often find it difficult to spot symptoms of PSP & CBD and that many have not come across these conditions before. Sadly, this often means people receive a delayed diagnosis or are misdiagnosed with other conditions such as stroke and Parkinson’s.

GPs and others in the primary healthcare team can make a great difference to the quality of life of people with PSP & CBD, with timely care, support and symptom management. The information below gives practical tips on the care of people with these conditions, and the role you and the primary healthcare team can play.

Helpline and Information Service

“I spoke to you on several occasions and genuinely do not know how I would have coped at the time without you. You were always supportive, informative and helped steer me through a very difficult time for my husband and me.”

Study Days

Educational days for Health and Social Care Professionals