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Fundraising Tools and Ideas

Want to fundraise but not sure which activity is right for you?

Whether you’re taking part in a challenge or are thinking about organising your own event, here are the tools to help make your fundraising a success.


Fundraising Pack

Our pack is full of fundraising ideas and practical hints and tips to get you started.

Download our fundraising pack

A – Z of Fundraising

Want to fundraise but not sure which activity is right for you? Our fundraising flow chart can help you decide.

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Tea Party Packs

A Tea Party or Bakesale is a great way to start your fundraising journey, and this handy tea party pack will help you to host a wonderfully successful event.

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Sponsorship Form

Ask your friends to sponsor you using our handy sponsorship form.

Download a sponsorship form

Gift Aid Form

Using gift aid means that every pound you give we get an extra 25p. Sign up for gift aid here.

Download our gift aid form

Fundraise your Way

Get all the information you need to organise your own fundraising activity for PSPA.

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Register your Event

Don’t forget to register your event with us so that we can help support you and send you promotional materials if required.

Register your event

Advertise your Event

Don’t forget you can use one of our posters to advertise your event.

Download A4 PosterDownload A3 Poster

Pay in your Money

Your event was a success – well done and thank you! Count up all the money you’ve raised and pay in the money you’ve raised.

Download our paying in form

Fundraising and the Law

Fundraising is definitely about having fun and raising some money but it’s also about being safe. Please take some time to read the advice on how to make sure your fundraising abides by the law.

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A-Z of Fundraising Ideas

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Fundraise your own way

Here’s a handy checklist to help you plan your own event

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Register Your Event

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Fundraising and the law

It’s fun to fundraise, but it’s also about being safe.

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