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New Volunteer – Nathalie Fyfe

Nathalie Fyfe is 23 and recently graduated from Glasgow University. 

Nathalie is in the process of applying to medical school. When reading about rare conditions, Nathalie came across PSP & CBD. She was so moved by the devastating nature of both conditions she decided to become a volunteer. Nathalie shares her story.

Nathalie said:

“I’m in the process of applying to medical school, and hope, one day to focus on neurology. I am fascinated by the brain and what happens when things go wrong. I initially decided to volunteer to help with my medical school application and gain some real life experience.

After researching rare conditions I came across PSP. I was struck by how devastating the disease was, and not just for the person diagnosed, but their whole family. I immediately knew I wanted to volunteer for PSPA.

She said:

“I got in touch with the charity who enrolled me on its volunteer training programme. I’ve just completed the training and now I’m looking forward to getting actively involved with the charity. I’ve been told that there are a number of educational talks I can be part of.

“I also want to be very hands-on and hope to be able to visit people living with PSP or CBD locally once or twice a week. When you are in difficult circumstances, sometimes a little bit of consistent support during the week can be something to look forward to.

“Previously I visited a lady living with MND when I was living in Glasgow. It was during my exams, but as stressed as I felt at the time, I felt so much lighter after the visit. We’d play dominos for hours and hours.

“It was such a rewarding experience. We’d always have a laugh and a chat, and you could tell she enjoyed the visit. In just a couple of hours you can really make a difference to someone.

“It made me realise that, no matter what you have going on in your life, you can always find the time to help. It was only a couple of hours a week, and it not only helped them, but me as well.

“I’m certain I will always volunteer. We all have to work for money, but volunteering is something you do for pleasure. To be able to help someone out, to provide a bit of light and positivity is the most wonderful gift you can give. Volunteering is something everyone benefits from and I can’t wait to get started volunteering for PSPA.”