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Micro-volunteer – Rhia Key-Amirghiasvand

Rhia Key-Amirghiasvand is one of our micro-volunteers.

Rhia volunteers for PSPA every year at the London Marathon and shares how micro-volunteering works for her. 

Rhia said:

“For the past five years, I’ve volunteered at the London Marathon. I’ve helped out with everything from standing on Tower Bridge waving flags and cheering, to making hot drinks for families waiting for runners at PSPA’s beautiful reception venue. I’ve lost track of how many balloons and clappers I’ve blown up over the years!

“Volunteering in this way works well for me as I have a demanding full-time job, and although I’d love to volunteer on a more regular basis, I just wouldn’t be able to fit it in with my current lifestyle. Micro-volunteering allows me to have one day a year when I can offer lots of support without having to worry about putting other things on hold.

She said:

“I feel really lucky that I volunteer at the London Marathon because the energy is so incredible, and the emotional reaction runners have when they see someone cheering their name on Tower Bridge or their families waiting for them at the venue is so special. To know that I’ve helped PSPA make the day run as smoothly as possible is really rewarding.

“I find I easily get caught up in the ‘stresses’ of everyday life. Giving something back to a charity like PSPA, who offers support to people going through a really challenging time, does make you put things into perspective.

“Micro-volunteering is such a brilliant initiative. There must be hundreds of people who want to volunteer but can’t commit to something on a regular basis, so even if all of them can only commit to one day a year it all adds up!”