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Research Information Day and Strategy Launch

Watch back the recording of the research event held via Zoom or 23 January 2021.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on Zoom for the Research Information Day and Research Strategy Launch on Saturday 23 January.

If you missed out on a place at the event, you can now watch back both the morning and afternoon sessions of talks and read through the programme for the day.


Morning Sessions – download the recording here

Session One:

  • Introduction by Prof Huw Morris {3:20}
  • Dr Ed Jabbari – Genetic studies in PSP: discovering potential avenues for treatment {5:34}
  • Prof Huw Morris – PSP Trails Update {29:10}

Session Two:

  • Introduction by Prof James Rowe {1:13:10}
  • Dr Negin Holland and Dr Maura Malpetti – Causes and consequences of PSP & CBD – how brain imaging is helping the fight / What happens to brain communication in PSP & CBD / Brain inflammation and tau build-up in PSP: predicting change {1:15:14}
  • Prof Chrystalina Antoniades – Oxford Quantification in Parkinsonism study – OxQUIP – Updates and new data in PSP {1:48:29}


Afternoon Sessions – download the recording here

Session Three:

  • Introduction by Dr Alistair Church {1:28}
  • Dr Diane Swallow – Diagnosis in PSP & CBD {3:01}
  • Dr Edoardo de Natale – What can we learn about PSP using neuroimaging? {44:13}

Session Four:

  • Introduction by Prof Nigel Leigh {1:27:10}
  • Dr Wendy Edwards – Research Strategy 2020 – 2025 {1:28:26}
  • Dr Wendy Edwards and Carol Amirghiasvand – Patient and Carer Voices Interactive Session {1:43:40}


Download the full programme, including Chair and Speaker bios, here.