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Education Webinars – Scotland

Educational webinars for health and social care professionals in Scotland.

To aid awareness and understanding of PSP & CBD, we’ve developed a series of informative webinars to support healthcare professionals working in Scotland.

Working with the multidisciplinary team from the Atypical Parkinson’s clinic at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Glasgow, we recorded six webinars about PSP & CBD and how PSPA can help.

View the six webinars below:

What is PSP & CBD and how are they diagnosed?
Dr Dave Anderson, Consultant Neurologist

Treatment and symptom management of PSP & CBD
Dr Vicki Marshall, Consultant Neurologist

The impact of PSP & CBD on cognition and mental health
Dr Susan O’Connell, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

How does PSP & CBD impact speech and swallow?
Joanna Wallace, Specialist Speech and Language Therapist

How can PSP & CBD impact on daily living?
Fiona Turnball, Movement Disorder Neuro Physiotherapist

Choices and decisions about care when living with PSP & CBD
Elaine Thompson, Specialist Movement Disorder Nurse