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PSPA Awareness Grants

Help more people #BeAware of PSP & CBD by applying for an Awareness Grant.


We are committed to raising awareness of PSP & CBD alongside putting people at the heart of what we do.

We know we can’t do everything on our own and need to work in partnership to achieve our goals, we need you to help us.  This year we have earmarked £8,000 to put power in the hands of our supporters and stakeholders to raise awareness.

Our Awareness Raising Grants are there to harness the ideas, skills and experience of people living with PSP or CBD, health and social care professionals, volunteers, and supporters to help raise awareness in their communities.

Awareness Grants will fall into four categories:

  • Raising awareness to improve diagnosis
  • Raising awareness to improve the quality of care and support
  • Raising awareness of the services and support people living with PSP or CBD are entitled to and how to access those services
  • Raising awareness to improve the resources allocated to supporting people with PSP or CBD in the health and social care system.

How much can you apply for?

There are two levels of awards:

  1. Under £1,000 – there is no lower limit.
  2. £1,000 to £4,000

What can you apply for?

We don’t have an exhaustive list of what you can apply for, but to give you an indication it could include:

  • Staff time to develop a learning network for health and social care professionals
  • Publicity materials
  • Travel to be part of a network/organisation like HealthWatch
  • Making a short film or funding for a film screening
  • Writing a book about PSP or CBD
  • Developing learning materials
  • An information session for a specific community
  • Travel and accommodation to speak at a conference or workshop. 

How do you apply?

If you have an idea about how you can help raise awareness and need some funding to make it happen, you can apply for a PSPA Awareness Grant by completing this application form and emailing it to Mark Jackson.

The deadline for applications is midnight Thursday 31 July 2024.