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10,000 Voices

Help raise awareness of the 10,000 people living with PSP & CBD in the UK by getting involved in our campaign.

Recent research indicates there could be up to 10,000 people living with PSP & CBD in the UK at one time.

91% of our supporters had not heard of either condition before their diagnosis, so PSPA is launching the 10,000 Voices campaign to help raise awareness of PSP & CBD, with healthcare professionals and the general public.

Through the campaign, PSPA aims to ensure:

  • more people can spot the signs and symptoms of PSP & CBD
  • diagnosis can be made earlier
  • those diagnosed are referred to appropriate support services.

Help 10,000 Voices be heard

Launching 28 February, Rare Disease Day, PSPA will be calling on supporters to get involved in the 10,000 Voices campaign.

You can do this by lobbying your local MP, MSP or MS, sharing Red Flag posters with your local GP Practice and, sharing your experience of PSP & CBD with us.

Write to your MP, MSP or MS

Lobbying your local Member of Parliament can have a huge impact on making them more aware of PSP & CBD, the symptoms and the impact on day to day life, as well as supporting PSPA’s work in the future.

The best way to ensure your request for help stands out is by writing a personal message to your MP.

Whether you are planning to write a letter or send an email, these top tips will help you to create a lasting impression when contacting your local MP:

If you are still unsure where to start, download our template letter.

Template Letter

Help to Red Flag the symptoms of PSP & CBD

To help raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of PSP & CBD, with healthcare professionals and your family and friends, please share our information as widely as possible. You can do this by

Bradley's story

“Since it took so long to get to the bottom of dad’s illness, he was really keen on raising awareness of PSP.”

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