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This year, PSPA turns 30! This milestone year is an opportunity to mark PSPA’s achievements over the years but also set out our ambitions to create a better future for everyone affected by PSP & CBD.

As part of this, we are launching a new fundraising campaign with the help of one our amazing supporters – 30 for 30.


30 for 30 us a fun, themed challenge, cultivated by PSPA supporter Kelly Hooper.

Kelly’s mum died from PSP in 2015 and since her mum’s diagnosis she has been doing everything she can to raise awareness and much needed funds for PSPA. Previously, Kelly has run the marathon, held a tea party and successfully nominated PSPA to be her employer’s charity of the year in 2021 and 2022. And now Kelly has her eye on her next pursuit!

Kelly said: “Back in May 2023 when talking to the PSPA team about the charity turning 30, I thought doing 30 activities for the PSPA 30th birthday would be a great target for me personally and it has such a great ring to it. Once I said it I had that growing excitement of the possibilities for the charity.

During Talbots two year Charity of the Year term I got to see first-hand just how many people who had never heard of PSP or CBD (especially within the Lloyds insurance market) now know of the PSPA and that has been a great personal win for me. My ambition remains to spread knowledge about PSP & CBD and fundraising is an added bonus. Turning 30 felt like monumental milestone for the charity and it feels like a great time to show PSPA just how much their support personally meant to me and my family.

Since mum was diagnosed, research has come such a long way and being just a very small cog in helping that grow makes me tear up with pride.

I am still yet to finalise my 30 activities but want there to be a nice spread of easy to do, some thought/challenge involved and some large challenges. I hope to rope in lots of friends, family and work colleagues with the aim of raising awareness and, much needed vital funds.

I would love to encourage anybody reading this to make a pledge – however big or small – and make a difference. Every voice being heard is powerful and every £1 raised vital.”

Keen to help PSPA mark its 30th Anniversary, Kelly is challenging herself to take on 30 different activities throughout the year. All to raise awareness and funds.

PSPA is encouraging all members of the PSP & CBD community to get behind Kelly and join her by taking on a 30 themed challenge of your own.

The opportunities are endless in terms of the challenges you can take. From walking 30 steps once a month on the 30th day, to hosting a bake off competition with 30 friends and colleague, to cycling 30km locally or at your favourite spot or hosting a 30 hour dance-a-thon. Just donating £30 can help make a real difference.


If Kelly’s 30 for 30 challenge has inspired you to organise a 30 themed activity of your own, we can help!

We’ve developed a few resources to help kick start your 30 for 30 challenge. These include a list of fresh and inspiring challenge ideas, a social placard so you can pledge your support to the campaign using social media, a template press release so you can help raise awareness and share what you are doing, and of course, an all-important sponsorship form!

Stay in touch with PSPA about your challenges. Just email 


Here are a few resources to help you get your 30 for 30 challenge up and running.

30 for 30 challenge ideas
30 for 30 pledge card
30 for 30 template press release
30 for 30 sponsorship form

PSPA's 30th Anniversary

This year we are marking 30 years’ of PSPA creating a better future for everyone affected by PSP & CBD.

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