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“It was very important to George to be able to make a contribution to research that might help someone else.”

Kathryn Timmons, whose husband George lived with PSP.

Many people affected by PSP and CBD find that research is a source of hope and taking part in a research study allows them to feel they are taking a proactive approach to tackling these conditions. Researchers are extremely grateful to those who volunteer to participate in their projects – without research participants, progress would not be possible.

There are various opportunities to get involved:



This is the flagship project of the PSPA’s Research Network. Part of this study can be undertaken at your local GP surgery and is open to anyone with a diagnosis of PSP or CBD.

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Brain Bank

Brain Donation

An individual’s decision to donate their brain to PSP and CBD research after they die creates a long-lasting legacy: one donated brain can support literally hundreds of research projects over a period of many years.

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Active studies underway

Other Research Studies

There are a number of PSP and CBD research studies underway around the country. PSPA is unable to fund all of these projects but we are an active part of the research community and support our members’ participation.

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“Every small engagement with research programmes made Bob feel he was grasping back a little control from this debilitating condition” Carla Bancroft, whose husband Bob lived with PSP   Where possible, we would like to help everyone affected by PSP and CBD in the UK have the opportunity to participate in research if they wish …

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“We are very grateful to participants for taking the time to talk to us and share their experiences.”

Dr Nilay Hepgul, Research Associate, King’s College London