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Research We Fund

Our ground-breaking collaborative network of leading research centres aims to step up the pace of PSP and CBD research in the UK.

Research Network

Commitment: £673,458
Start date: 2015
Duration: 8 years
Chief Investigator: Prof Huw Morris, University College London

The network’s first major study, PROSPECT, is now well underway. As well as creating a bank of data and samples, it will dramatically increase understanding of disease progression and markers. Ultimately this should create a clear disease model that can be used as a benchmark in future clinical trials.

Development of a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biobank and CSF biomarkers for PSP

Commitment: £184,697
Start date: 2017
Duration: 2 years
Chief Investigator: Prof Huw Morris, University College London

This funding will support the collection and analysis of spinal fluid samples from PROSPECT study participants (see Research Network). The project aims to identify biological markers of disease in spinal fluid, which will help secure more rapid diagnosis and better tracking of disease progression. This, in turn, will assist patient monitoring in future clinical trials.

PSP Research Network neuroimaging core

Commitment: £300,000
Start date: 2016
Duration: 3 years
Chief Investigator: Prof James Rowe, University of Cambridge

This funding will allow the integration of a brain imaging study with the PROSPECT project (see Research Network). Using cutting-edge brain scanning technology and analysis, the researchers will be able to use images alongside the rest of the data collected from PROSPECT participants to improve understanding of how PSP and CBD arise and spread through the brain. It will also develop the use of brain scans as a tool for diagnosis and monitoring.


The development of young researchers is essential for the future of PSP & CBD research. Fellowships enable young doctors to undertake a clinical research project, providing them with the skills and experience to bridge the gap between the lab and clinic in their future careers. This will be essential to enable them to facilitate the development of treatments.

PSPA Research Fellowship

Commitment: £260,000
Start date: 2023
Duration: 3 years
Fellow: Dr Robert Durcan, University of Cambridge

Scottish Research Fellowship (co-funded by Scottish Chief Scientist Office)

Commitment £97,500
Start date: 2016
Duration: 3 years
Fellow: Dr Diane Swallow, University of Aberdeen

Sara Koe Research Fellowship

Commitment £210,000
Start date: 2016
Duration: 3 years
Fellow: Dr Edwin Jabbari, University College London


The PSPA Small Research Grants were launched in 2022 to help fund small pilot studies or sections of studies into PSP & CBD.

Three Small Research Grants were awarded in 2022.

Dr Boyd Ghosh (Southampton and Salisbury), Consultant Neurologist

Commitment: £2,915
Start date: 2022
Study: To employ a medical student to help on a project to assess the benefits of specialist multidisciplinary teams within a specialist clinic for patients with PSP & CBD.

Dr Annelies Quaegebeur (Cambridge), Consultant Neuropathologist

Commitment: £4,760
Start date: 2022
Study: To assist her study, characterising neuroinflammation in PSP brains with high-plex spatial protein profiling.

Dr Maura Malpetti (Cambridge), Research Fellow

Commitment: £9,279
Start date: 2022
Study: To support her study, looking into the application of neuroimaging techniques (PET and MRI scans) to investigate the pathophysiology of neurodegenerative diseases (how they develop).