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PROSPECT Study Network

The rarity of PSP & CBD necessitates a collaborative approach to research.

A major step towards the fulfilment of our research strategy is the creation of the PROPSECT Study Network, co-ordinated from the Institute of Neurology at UCL and currently involving seven primary centres with a strong history of PSP & CBD research and care.

Prof Huw Morris, Research Network Chief Investigator

“We believe that the network can address some of the barriers to research and be providing better care for patients.”

The network brings together leading experts from many areas of biomedical research, including neuroimaging, clinical analysis, pathology and genetics. It will allow pooling of patient samples and data and will provide a basis for communication and collaboration through which proposals for further research can be built.

The network has embarked on a major study known as PROSPECT. This will involve the collection of samples, scan images and clinical information from a group of patients over several years, enabling researchers to make new discoveries based on the way that PSP changes over time. A separate arm of the study will collect one-off blood samples from patients across the UK, generating a resource for investigating indicators of disease in blood as well as genetic data.

We have committed £950,000 to the PROSPECT Study Network until 2023. This includes funding for specific projects to study MRI brain images and spinal fluid collected from the PROSPECT study. These vital stepping stones towards a cure can only be made possible by the generosity of our supporters.

Participate in Research

If you are interested in taking part in PROSPECT, contact our Helpline to register your interest in research participation.

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