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Research is the most powerful and important tool we have for beating PSP – it’s essential the funds are there to explore new ideas.

Funding a Research Fellowship is important as it ensures we continue to harness the interest of young researchers in PSP, which makes a massive difference to building up our knowledge of the disease.

Our current Research Fellow, Dr Edwin Jabbari is about to start the second year of his four-year Research Fellowship.

Will you join the fight against PSP by helping us to fund the second year of Dr Jabbari’s Fellowship, dedicated to pioneering research into PSP?  

“Directly because of donations from people affected by PSP, last year, I was able to start my research in PSP thanks to a four-year PSP Association Fellowship.”

“I’m hoping that, through my research at the Institute of Neurology at University College London, I can make a major contribution to the understanding of PSP, finding one of the key pieces of the puzzle that, once complete, will lead to effective treatments.”

Dr Edwin Jabbari



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participant samples to

further our understanding

of PSP.

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Dr Jabbari’s research

We have discovered so much from studying the underlying mechanisms that drive the progression of PSP. By comparing blood and spinal fluid samples of people with PSP, to healthy individuals and those with similar disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, we aim to discover new diagnostic and prognostic markers for PSP. This means that we will be able to diagnose people correctly (and much earlier) and offer more individualised prognostic information. 

Importantly, we are combining this information with data on how the disease progresses in people. We need to know this in order to be able to develop effective drugs to slow down, or even stop, PSP progressing. Through analysing patients’ DNA taken from their blood samples, alongside brain tissue from patients who have generously donated their brain to help others living with the disease, we hope to discover genes that determine the progression of PSP. By finding these genes, we can then find ways to target them, providing new avenues for treatments. 

Read more about Dr Jabbari’s research here.

Will you help us? 

100% of your donation will fund further research in this field. 

Funding a Research Fellowship is important as it ensures we continue to harness the interest of young researchers in PSP. Through investment in our Fellowship programme, we can continue to attract more and more scientists to dedicate their careers to studying PSP. 

Thank you, together we will one day beat PSP