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Update of the Continuing Healthcare Alliance

Since the Continuing to Care report launch in November, over 500 of people have shared the report with your local MP and nearly 500 emails have been sent to Clinical Commissioning Groups

Improving the assessment tools

For the first time, the Department of Health has committed to reforming the Decision Support Tool, and other assessment tools. This is a hugely positive step and should mean that more people who are eligible for NHS CHC will receive it

Setting up a Strategic Improvement Programme

NHS England has launched a Strategic Improvement Programme. The programme aims to engage people who work for Clinical Commissioning Groups, and conduct the assessments, to create positive changes to practise

Increasing data collection

NHS England has started collecting more data and hopes to increase this further. For example,Right Care packs have been produced showing the local situation for NHS CHC in each area.

Improving training for professionals

NHS England is investing in more robust training for professionals who conduct NHS CHC assessments, and will roll this out in 2017.

None of these changes and proposals would have happened without the support of everyone who has been involved.

You can also stay up to date by signing up to their mailing list, following them on twitter@CHC_alliance or keeping an eye on the Continuing Healthcare Alliance’s website.

Though these improvements are positive, we know there is lots more to do. NHS CHC won’t change overnight, and we’re aware that many people across the country are still really struggling. If you need information or advice on this issue, you can contact Beacon on or telephone: 0345 548 0300

Don’t forget you can still share their report with your local MP and CCG if you haven’t already, and it only takes a few minutes.

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