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Scottish Fellowship study ready to recruit participants

PSPA and the office of the Scottish Chief Scientist are delighted that our jointly funded research study is ready to begin recruiting people with PSP and CBD from across Scotland.

The study, entitled “Improving diagnostic and care pathways in PSP and CBD” is being conducted by Dr Diane Swallow, a Neurology Registrar and Clinical Research Fellow based at the University of Aberdeen.

The study will look at the routes to diagnosis and care pathways of people with PSP and CBD in Scotland, to find out how diagnosis and care could be improved. The study will also involve the carers or families of people with the conditions to learn more about the support that carers of people with PSP and CBD require.

“We hope the study will help us find ways to improve the diagnosis of people with PSP and CBD, by finding out how, when, and to which specialities, people present. We will also test new assessments tools to see if these could improve diagnosis”, Dr. Swallow explains. She adds, “By understanding the range of symptoms which affect people with PSP and CBD, and how these different health needs change over time, we can learn how to better provide the right care, interventions and support to people with PSP or CBD, and their families, at all stages of the disease”.

The study is open to everyone in Scotland with PSP or CBD at all stages of their condition.

There are a variety of different ways to take part. For more information about the study contact Dr Diane Swallow on 01224 437121, or return the contact slip available here to receive more written information.

Dr Swallow will write back to you with more information about the study so that you can decide whether to take part. Any information you provide will be kept confidential and only used by members of the research team. Contacting the research team places you under no obligation to take part.

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