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Sarah’s Ride London Top Tips!

I took part in Prudential Ride London 2017 and despite having a deferred space from 2016 due to an injury I chose to raise funds for PSPA.

A very close family friend was diagnosed with the rare disease and as I understood it at the time, the percentage of people living with PSP or CBD in the UK is relatively small and there is still so much to learn and to educate people on and to boost the charity’s name for everyone affected. This was my motivation, sadly we lost the stunning, amazing and courageous lady last year so I am so very glad I did.

I followed the intermediate training plan provided in the magazine you receive from Prudential, which involved four training rides a week from the second week in April. The training certainly paid off ! It meant it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and I loved every minute of it. The hype and mild panic rumbling away in my tummy over Box Hill just melted away and you go with the flow and climb climb climb….

The spectator support was simply amazing and it does really give you a massive boost, I will not lie! It was a well needed one when you hit a sneaky climb at around 90 miles in.

I came across some fellow PSPA fundraisers whilst enjoying the elated feeling of just having conquered Leith Hill.

Yes there are some impressive hills on the route however wow wee the views are reward and more besides and the rest of the ride is flat and fast … promise

I would urge anyone who is worried about taking the plunge and signing up, don’t Just go ahead you will love it !!

If anyone is anxious where and how to start training I would suggest for a real novice they should visit here you will find free guided bike rides all over the country or for ladies only rides.

All these rides are delivered by local volunteers and supported by British Cycling or alternatively look up your local club at and join them on some social rides.

I would urge everyone thinking of riding to join some organised group rides, so you can learn the riding etiquette and hand signals making it an enjoyable ride for all involved.

Most importantly ENJOY every second of it, for some it will be a one off experience, for others like me, just a warm up for round two!! Good luck to all 2018 PSPA riders.

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