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Making a difference for others

Feedback has shown us just how much our volunteers help to improve and extend the services we offer to people affected by PSP and CBD

These are just a few of the amazing comments we’ve received from people who have been on the receiving end of our volunteering projects.

“I think the meetings are brilliant. For once I feel I am not alone with Jill’s problem and I have someone to discuss PSP with.”


“The last meeting was Dad’s first and my second. The biggest thing we took away with us was the fact that you feel like you are not the only one and not alone dealing with PSP. Great to see everyone and meet new people too!”


“The meetings are very beneficial for discussing PSP-related practicalities. They also have a friendly, good-humoured atmosphere. Maybe the nice biscuits have something to do with it!”


“Being with people who fully understand the symptoms of PSP/CBD and talking to people who can empathise is such a relief – it creates a sense of friendship too.”

“I have attended two PSPA meetings which have been really helpful and very informative.”

“Our local group is very well run and very supportive.”

“We enjoyed meeting everyone. I know that Mum enjoyed her trip out for the afternoon. She doesn’t go out and about much anymore but it was nice to see her having an afternoon somewhere where she felt comfortable and nice to see Dad being able to talk to people that knew what Mums condition was all about. Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon and hoping that there will be many more.”