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Social media is a great – and free – way to publicly raise awareness, communicate with others in a similar situation and raise funds.


Plus…did you know that there is a Facebook group just for PSPA Volunteers?

This is a closed group which we hope you will make YOUR place to share information, experiences, support and ideas with other PSPA volunteers. If you are a PSPA volunteer and would like to join the group please contact the volunteering team on 01327 356137.

Get Involved

  • Follow @PSPAssociation the official Twitter account for PSPA
  • Use #TeamPSPA to encourage our fundraisers, volunteers and all those supporting PSPA and those affected by PSP & CBD.
  • Tell your own stories using #TeamPSPA – you can use this hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Follow @TeamPSPA on Instagram
  • Like and follow PSPA on Facebook – why not tag PSPA in your own posts by using @pspassociation

When using social media, please read through our policies and remember our key messages

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