What can I do?

From helping out at a local group or answering calls on our helpline, there are plenty of ways to get involved with PSPA.

Could you give people a warm welcome?

Our local group volunteers provide a welcoming and friendly place for people affected by PSP or CBD, including family and friends, to meet up and share experiences, information and friendship.

The meetings are organised by our Local Group Coordinators, who find a suitable venue, arrange regular meetings and make sure everyone is made welcome.

With many groups, our coordinators are supported by Local Group Helpers who can help out during meetings by organising refreshments, sending invitations and chatting to people during the meeting.

Helping to keep in touch

For many people, living with PSP or CBD can be an isolating experience. Although we have a network of local groups dotted around the country, not everyone can get to them or want this kind of interaction. Our Support Worker project offers regular contact either by phone, email or home visits.

Support Workers keep in touch with people living with PSP and CBD (including families and carers) on an ongoing basis. They offer confidential emotional support and accurate information to enable people to make informed choices.

 Offering a listening ear


Volunteer Helpline Assistants provide a vital service giving information and support to people calling our evening Helpline service. Each volunteer is trained to offer a supportive ‘ear’ to callers including people living with PSP, family members, health and social care staff and members of the public.

As one of our volunteers you will be helping to make an enormous difference to the lives of people affected by PSP or CBD.

Want to know more? Contact the volunteering team on 01327 356134 or email: