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Awareness Campaign 2019 – #Unmute

PSP & CBD have been ignored for too long. This PSP & CBD Awareness Week focused on #Unmute these devastating diseases.

PSP & CBD have been ignored for too long. We want to #Unmute these devastating diseases. Voices are robbed by these conditions, during awareness week, let’s give those voices back. We aim to create a movement across social media during the week, to raise awareness and focus attention on PSP & CBD.

Nearly half of people diagnosed received an incorrect diagnosis first, with many having to wait years for a correct diagnosis. Sadly, we know most people, including health care professionals, are not aware of PSP & CBD. We know many are frustrated at the lack of awareness they face on a daily basis.

Our #Unmute campaign, for PSP & CBD Awareness Week, is focused on making a noise about these silent diseases.

The more people who join our campaign, the louder we can be. We are asking everyone in our PSP & CBD community to take a short, selfie-shout video on their phone to share across their own social media accounts, tagging @PSPAssociation and use the hashtag #Unmute during awareness week. The more people who do it – the louder we will be about PSP & CBD, and the more likely we can raise awareness.

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We offer information and support to people affected by PSP & CBD and fund research to help us understand the development of PSP & CBD, improve diagnosis and discover effective treatments.

The stronger our PSP & CBD community is the stronger we can be in the face of these devastating diseases. Please join us in the fight for PSP & CBD.

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