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PERK up! Early steps on the road to future treatments

The complexity of neurodegenerative diseases like PSP and CBD means that, en route to developing effective treatments, researchers need to unpick the individual mechanisms that are going wrong in nerve cells. Dr Rohan de Silva at the Institute of Neurology in London has recently completed a project, funded by the PSP Association, to better understand …

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PSPA-Funded Research Published

We are delighted to announce that PSPA-funded researcher Prof James Rowe and his team have published the outcomes of some the work we supported in the prestigious medical journal “Brain”.

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Crowd Funding the future of research

Many of you will have received our autumn appeal for support for our exciting Research Fellowships at University College London and the University of Aberdeen.   Thanks to our funding commitment, young neurologists Edwin Jabbari and Diane Swallow will spend the next three years investigating key factors around diagnosis, progression and standards of care. Not …

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PSP and CBD Scottish Research Appeal

Thanks to the Scottish Chief Scientist Office, PSPA has been able to give Dr Swallow the opportunity to develop understanding of PSP and CBD in Scotland, as she joins the research team at the University of Aberdeen for three years – looking to improve early diagnosis and better care for people with the diseases. Dr …

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Researchers come together in Cambridge

On 4 November 2016, researchers and clinicians from across the UK met at the 6th Annual FTD UK Meeting at Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge. This meeting brings together those working on a range of neurodegenerative conditions, including PSP and a related disease known as Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD). The day was full of …

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US research symposium

“Huge momentum” at research symposium   Almost 150 delegates from across the globe gathered in Jersey City, USA, at the end of October for the annual international research symposium organised by our colleagues at American charity CurePSP.   Described by CurePSP as “surpassing all expectations”, the event featured speakers carefully selected for their outstanding work …

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Researchers Come Together in Cambridge

On 4th November 2016, researchers and clinicians from across the UK met at the 6th Annual FTD UK Meeting at Wolfson College at the University of Cambridge.

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Sara Koe Research Fellowship – Dr Edwin Jabbari

  Dr Edwin Jabbari has recently finishing his general medical training. To kick start his career in neurology, he has now taken up the post of Sara Koe Research Fellow and will undertake a three year study funded by PSPA. In his first blog, Ed tells us about his first few months in post and plans …

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Quality of Life project – Dr Lou Wiblin

In her latest post, Lou shares her excitement at getting her project underway and gives us an insight into her motivation. So recruitment is underway and the first participants have been coming through! PROSPECT is up and running in Newcastle as is my Quality of Life project. So far there has been a lot of …