The First International Research Symposium on PSP & CBD

Researchers: Join us at the Royal College of Physicians on 25th and 26th October for a packed programme of updates from the international research community. We are delighted to be working with CurePSP to organise the first international research conference on PSP & CBD for several years. The programme includes sessions on neuropathology, imaging & …


Scottish Fellowship study ready to recruit participants

PSPA and the office of the Scottish Chief Scientist are delighted that our jointly funded research study is ready to begin recruiting people with PSP and CBD from across Scotland. The study, entitled “Improving diagnostic and care pathways in PSP and CBD” is being conducted by Dr Diane Swallow, a Neurology Registrar and Clinical Research …


PSP Clinical Trial – recruitment now closed

UPDATE: The international clinical trial of a potential new treatment for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), known as the PASSPORT trial, has now closed recruitment to new participants. Preliminary results are expected in autumn 2019. We will share any news as soon as we are able. The phase II trial involves a new intravenous drug which …


Sara Koe Research Fellowship – Dr Edwin Jabbari

In his latest blog post, Dr Jabbari gives us an update on his fellowship project and shares his fundraising plans. Hello to all in the PSPA family! It has been a while since my first blog piece and as I’m now entering the final three months of my first year as a PSPA research fellow, …

For-drug-story Research

Existing drugs step up in battle against neurodegenerative disease

Research published today in the journal ‘Brain’ shows that two existing drugs can block the death of brain cells in mice with neurodegenerative disease. Scientists led by Prof Giovanna Mallucci at the University of Cambridge have demonstrated that trazodone, a licensed antidepressant, and ‘DBM’, a compound found in liquorice that is being tested in cancer, …


Research north of the border: Dr Diane Swallow

Neurology registrar Dr Diane Swallow has recently embarked on a three year research fellowship in Scotland, jointly funded by PSPA and the Scottish Chief Scientist Office. In her first guest blog post, Diane tells us about her exciting plans to drive forward earlier diagnosis and better care for people with PSP and CBD. Hello!  I …

Researcher in lab Research

PERK up! Early steps on the road to future treatments

The complexity of neurodegenerative diseases like PSP and CBD means that, en route to developing effective treatments, researchers need to unpick the individual mechanisms that are going wrong in nerve cells. Dr Rohan de Silva at the Institute of Neurology in London has recently completed a project, funded by the PSP Association, to better understand …


PSPA-Funded Research Published

We are delighted to announce that PSPA-funded researcher Prof James Rowe and his team have published the outcomes of some the work we supported in the prestigious medical journal “Brain”.