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We run regular fundraising events

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How your donation helps us?

Information and Support

If you are living with CBD or PSP, or know someone who is, we are here for you. You do not have to face the future alone.

Personal Experiences

There are thousands of people around the UK living with PSP & CBD. We share a few of their stories.


There are many ways you can raise funds for PSPA. However you choose to support our work, thank you. You are helping us to make a real difference to the lives of families affected by PSP & CBD.


We know how much is gained from the skills, experience, commitment and enthusiasm that our volunteers bring – so we want more of you to join us!


Our vision is a world free of PSP & CBD. We fund ground-breaking research that aims to help turn that vision into reality.


Helping those with PSP & CBD through our PSPA merchandise.