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2021 Research Appeal

“For me, living well is about being able to be independent for as long as possible.”

In recent years, research into PSP & CBD has progressed rapidly, helping us to better understand the causes and symptoms, and pointing the way to new treatment possibilities.

However, there has been very little research into how people can continue to live well, feel well and remain independent with the conditions.

Donate to help us understand how people can live well with PSP & CBD

To understand how we can help improve people’s quality of life, we want to offer grants to fund research projects into living well with PSP & CBD. These grants will be awarded to researchers or healthcare professionals to look into one of the top five priorities highlighted in the survey: balance, communication, dexterity, pain and effective multidisciplinary approaches.

Donating could help make our new research grants a reality

We want to offer a number of grants in the next 12 months amounting to £30,000 and we need your help to raise this total.

With your support, research will find the answers to help people continue to live well with PSP & CBD. So please, donate what you can to help fund this vital research.

How you can help